Wednesday 26 May 2010

Vice's shoot with Kern + The Creators Project talk to Radical Friend

Ok, so I'm writing a bit of a photography based blog, makes a change from just writing about music!

Earlier this month, Richard Kern came to London for casting for his lastest shoot and ended up photographing Akiko Mastuarya from The Big Pink, Comanechi,Pre and Sperm Javelin and Deborah, a bi-sexual nurse from Bristol with very precise pornographic tastes. Here's the result of the casting and photoshoots, look out for the little cameo from Karley Sciortino (the American one), AKA, slutever , I really like her blogs :

Radical Friend are the duo accountable for all of the epic Yeasayer videos that have been released this year. Here, they explain their ideas behind the videos:


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