Monday 23 March 2009

What I've been listening to.........

Sorry, it's been a while since I last blogged I've been very busy with revision and my 17th Birthday :)

So lately I've been listening to:

The Good Natured- She sounds a bit like Kate Nash but her music is way better, it's more electro-pop as that seems to be the direction that many artists are taking a the moment, think Jack Penate, La Roux, etc.
She also has a big bob, like Alice Glass'

I Blame Coco- her self titled song is sooooooo catchey, I was singing it all day yesterday. She's a reggae/ska girl with a really unique voice and she's supporting The Winehouse later on in the year, go her!

The Riff Raff
These guys are a bit indie/skaish, they're a really good band. I actually found out about them because I follow Zezi Ifore on twitter and she absolutley loves them!

The Crookes
Huw Stephens has been playing their song 'Backstreet Lovers', it's really gorgeous, all of their songs have beautiful lyrics which tell wonderful stories. Check them out, it's a must, their music is also really home grown, lots of clapping and such, I HATE music that is way over-produced!

Will and the People

Yet another Reggae/Ska band! I'm just loving it at the moment. It makes me feel all summery :) This band are perfect for a summers day! Check them out thier music will make you happy :)

The Howling Bells' new stuff is awesome too, as for Bat for Lashes'! Her song 'Daniel' is beautiful! Oh and the new yeah,yeah, yeah's stuff is great too!

Think I better wrap things up now because this could go on for ages because I'm listening to so much new stuff right now and I have some work to do!

Bye for now,

Sunday 8 March 2009

What I've been listening to.........

1) Polly Scattergood- She's simply amazing, her music is just epic and her lyrics are amazing, her album is out tomorrow and is called 'Polly Scattergood' I shall certainly be buying it :)
2)Ladyhawke- I finally got her album, it's awesome

3) PJ Harvey-She is one of those artists who I knew I would like but have never bothered to check out until now

4) The B52's - you are not mistaken,yes, they are the ones that sing 'Love shack' but mum had radio2 on the other day in the car and I heard 'Rock Lobster' and enjoyed it. I think that they were a band who were far ahead of thier time, if they were around now, they'd be the band on everybodies lips, for sure!

5) Rosie and the Goldbug- I was reading an interview of theirs in Artrocker the other day and remembered they existed, they're wierd but wonderful

6) La Roux- because I'm going to see her in May hopefully (as long as I don't have an exam the next morning), well hyped :D I'm really looking forward to it, her music's great, she's on tour will Lily Allen this month, if you're going get there early and check her out

7) Ruby and her Whorses- She's lovely, a really great lyricist and she's still at school! If you like Emmy the Great or Laura Marling then it's quite likely that you will enjoy her music

That's all for now, have a great week,