Monday 29 September 2008

Iglu & Hartly gig + album reviews

I arrive at the venue on my own as none of my mates could make the gig (but luckily some of my new friends from college turned up later), I'm greeted by Nick, Iglu and Hartly's promotions mager (i think that was his role anyway!) A tad nervous as it's the first time I've ever done merch and I'm on my own with an American man I've never met before. He takes me to the rooftop bar -yes, Stoke's cool, well actually the sugarmill is the only cool place in stoke! Louis, Jarvis and the tour manager are sitting there with their feet up with a table of beers in front of them. I shake all of their hands and accept the bottle of beer that Jarvis kindly offers me :)
We get talking about music, college, Nick Grimshaw's mum and life in general and how amaazing it is. Throughout Nick Harrison's sound check (the support act, more about him later) Jarvis freestyles to the music randomly, and encourages me to join him but alas, I am too shy. He then demonstrates his new song to me which I can tell will be fantastic once put to music. I have another beer and talk to the tour manger whilst the guys go back to the hotel for half an hour, we talk about my linguistic skills, travelling and how he recommends me go to live in Argentina for a while, I say I shall try my best because it sounds lush.
I then went downstairs to set up the stall when Nick Harrison walks past me and says hi politley and my, my is he a fine guy ;)
Iglu and Hartly then walk back through the doors, all of them this time, they ask me if I'm ok and I say yes.
Once the doors have opened the show kicks off with the support band who were called 'Two Door Cinema Club.' They're an Irish indie band and they pretty God Damn good! Check them out:
They're a wicked live act and really get the crowd going and into the mood for the gig, as if the free merch wasn't enough (the reason I & H give away free merch is to put the kids in a good mood)
Second on is Nick Harrison, an attractive young songwriter from london who is not just lyrically talented but musically as well as his arrangements are pretty tight. His style varies quite a lot but the man vibes are ska, indie and pop. It's impossible not to dance to his upbeat soul brightening music. Another fantastic live act. His new single 'Oi Rude Boy' is out now and t's worth buying, so please do!!!

I go and find some people that I actually know and watch the headliners, and what a show it was! EVERYONE was dancing, there was not a soul to be seen that was jumping up and down. Absolutley fantastic show with lots of crowd surfing and a huge stage invasion at the end. If you get the opportunity to see Iglu and Hartly then go! You'd miss out majorly if you didn't! The band are not just about the new single 'in this city', they have many hits up their often none existent sleeves (as they normally often for the topless option) I can assure you! I bought the new album '& Then Boom today (it's relase date :)) and it's sick, go buy it!

I also bought the new kings of leon album wile I was there and that it also pretty amaaaazig! Their Soulful rock just kind of melts me and has me in stupor. Yes- the power of music is actually THAT STRONG for me! It can often ave me doing all kinds of things.

Cheers for reading folks, sorry for it being a long'un, I'll make it shorter next time, I promise!
Have a lovely week,

Saturday 20 September 2008

Hello! Welcome :)

So I'll start my first one simply and give you a little list of the bands that I've been listening to a lot this week, please give them your time to listen to them, they'll be worth it!

Tilly and the Wall- both of their albums: Bottom of Barrels + Wild Like children
The new single 'Beat Control' is out now, download it (legally obvs.) the drums are controlled by a girl tap dancing

Iglu & Hartly- because I'm seeing them next week and I'm getting all excited! I'm write a review for you

The Morning Orchetstra- an indie/folk from Brighton, they're just fenominal and all of their songs on their myspace are free download! 'Dancing with the devil' and 'Helter Skelter' are their stand out tracks i think, but they're all brilliant!

The Four Zoas- a very familiar sounding band, they'de be perfect for mobile phone adverts or something! 'Her every day' is really cute!

Kid Harpoon- 57
I downloaded one of his ep's entitled the 'first ep' this week finally, as I've been into him for ages but never bought his cds, 57 and the milkmaid are insane! The others are fantastic too

The View- 5 Rebeccas
I'm soo glad they're back! I loved them! They're definatley back with a vengence, they're a greay band. I'm going to try and make their Stoke date on their tour providing I can afford, I'll write you a review if I go :)

MGMT- I STILL can't keep playing the album 'Oracle Spektacular' , it's simply addictive and fantastic, go buy it, it's a must!

White Lies- 'Death' I'm still listening to this song every day! It's stunning, just stunning! They're wicked live too, I saw them on the NME tour this summer

Friendly Fires- The new album's fantastic! I've loved them for a long time now and have seen them twice both being some of the best nights of my life! haha, I think I may just be Ed Macfarlane's biggest fan, I've even created a facebook fan group for him, I'm that much of a loser fan :/

Hmm, I'll leave it there for now, this list could go on for hours!
I'm playing a charity jazz concert tonight for a hospital in B'ham and am quite excited, wish me luck :)

Lot's of love,

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