Thursday 23 October 2008

Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds gig review



The support were: the fortunas- and tequila lips:

both local bands and pretty sound bands with potential, although the singer in tequila lips did not look like he should belong in a band, he was too buff and he's trousers were not very tight basically! He's certainly not how you would imagine him and he was also a it on the cheesy side and I HATE anything that's cheesy, but apart from him they were quite a good band.

Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds- On stage they look like a bunch of maniacs who've escaped from a mental hospital dancing, singing and playing in a plume of smoke and off stage they seem suprisingly normal guys. For a band who are used to playing to a much larger crowd, they still seemed very glad to be there, I've been to gigs where bands have came expecting a crowd and when they don't get as much of one as they wanted they go all pissy and play a little half heartedly but this band just still didn't let it affect them and played an amazing show! There was never a dull moment and they NEVER lacked energy, The singles-'You let me go' and 'Slow Kids' were most certainly the highlights because people knew the lyrics but every single song was amazing and had the danceability factor which was created by their large variety of influences as it states on their myspace page in the 'influences' section simply 'Pop Music 1955-2008.' This is clearly true, I hear a lot of different genres in their music. These guys clearly love playing shows and touring (they been on tour since 1st October) and they show this throug their performance, they seem like the band that are willing to play to anyone, anywhere. Their energetic performances are a MUST see! You will not be disappointed with them!

Here's a video I got off 'Give me your Hand',sorry about the sound quality, it isn't too good but, it's still worth a watch! please do!









Thanks for reading :)


Saturday 18 October 2008

This weeks discoveries

Little commets, a really great indie band from Newcastle:

I'll hopefully be seeing them in a couple of weeks so I'll probs do a review of their set for you :)

I also finally checked out fleet foxes, their music so lovely and mellow

I've also been listening to a lot of Lykke Li this week, good indie pop/electro pop kinda sound she has

Also an amaazzing girl fronted rock band called Pretty Girls Make Graves:

I also ended up seeing a band called Bromheads Jacket this week and that was an alright gig, their music's quite simple but good, they also did a lovely doherty cover

Imperial Leisure are a really good band and are supporting Less than Jake on their forthcoming tour, unfortunately, I'm not a Less than Jake fan or else I might have gone but Imperial Liesure are a wicked band so check them out:

Kid British's new single 'Elizabeth' is a nice tune, he's a bit like a male version of Remi Nicole check him out:

Errors are also a band to look out for, they're a synthy electro band, most of their songs don't have vocals but that doesn't even matter, they're just great :

I've had to do some research on punk music for my performing arts coursework over the past couple of weeks so I've been listening to a lot of that stuff, especially suzi and the banshees, I've only really just discovered their greatness!

I'm dying to buy James Yuille's debut album too but I need to find some money first because I keep spending it really quickly! It's out on Moshi Moshi records, buy it here:

It'll be well worth it!

I think that's all for now, sorry it's not a very exciting blog this week, but I have some college stuff to get on with :( Please check out all of the artists and bands I've mentioned!


Sunday 5 October 2008

New discoveries and stuff :)

So this week I discovered a band called Swound when I heard their new single played on the radio this week. Their a bit like a mixture between The Kabeedies and Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds but the guitar riffs are much heavier, they're well good check em out :)


I've also still been listening to the new Kings of Leon album A LOT I'm absolutley addicted to i, I've even got dad into it! And also & the Boom by Iglu & Hartly

I've discovered an old 80's band called the cars, whom White Lies are heavily influenced by

I've been listening to a band clled 'Those Dancing Days' a fair bit today who are a swedish girl rock band, they're pretty good and have also discovered a very good band form San Diego called 'Grand Ole Party' a girl fronted rock band, quite indie but at the same time a very musical and kinda melodic, very clever stuff really :)
Check them out, it's a MUST:

Grand ole party

The new Kabeeddies single is fair good too check that one out on their myspace:

Also Soulwax have done an excelent remix of 'kids' by MGMT, have a listen to that too (and download it off itunes of course), it's wicked! I'm not sure where you can listen to it on the internet but I'm sure there's somewhere you can hear it! + it's on the radio all the time at night so if you listen to radio1 at night, I'm sure you'll hear it sometime!

And finally, I'm loving the new Tom Williams and the Boat single 'Got Fuel' it's lovely, buy the ep at

And I think that's it folks, I'll keep you posted on anything else new, I better get back to my Othello essay now :(
Have a great week,