Thursday 20 August 2009

The XX's album- review

I have to say, this album is the best I've bought since Lungs by Florence and the Machine, from the moment I picked it I wanted to listen to it sooo bad, not only because of the brilliant reviews it's had but because of the mystery that the artwork beholds. I feel that The XX are a band which love to remain mysterious, for example the lack of blogs and information on thier myspace, they seem to like you to find out everything youselves. The album artwork contains no flashy photoshoots or drawings just the tracklisting, the lyrics and a large X on the front. I was intruiged to find out what the contents of the album were, musicwise.

The epic introduction led to more suspense and then burst into the beautiful song 'VCR.' The lyrics are simple but heart warming. Next up is the first single 'Crystalised' and then 'Islands' which has already became a personal favourite. Then it's the dazzling song 'Heart skipped a beat', the lyrics to this song are ravishing.

Fantasy, is an interesting number, it's particularly different to the rest, it was written by just Oliver and is a very atmostpheric song that you just have to 'get' if you don't 'get it' you'll just be like "what on earth is this?"

After Fantasy is 'Shelter', which is another favourite which was written by Romy. It's absolutely STUNNING, this one. It's just so intense, emotional and comes across as very personal. It's absolutley beautiful. This is followed by the last single, Basic Space, which I'm sure you're already familiar with if you listen to the radio a lot in the evenings, if not, here's the video:

Infinity, is lovely slow song, which is a nice contrast and then the penultimate track 'Night Time' which is again very intense, it's about extreme love in the same kind of way 'Howl' by Florence and the Machine is (as well as being about a werewolf of course.)

And the last track, if you haven't heard it already, although if you've been following my blogs you will have already done, is 'Stars,' a song which I can't see how anyone cannot fall instantly in love with, it's just so charming and heart melting. It's a beautiful way to finish the album.

This album most certainly deserves a 5/5, if you have any sense you would go and buy it right now! Ohhh and also try and catch them on tour with Florence and the Machine in September!


Sunday 16 August 2009

Ten things I'm listening to this week

1. Amazing Baby- Bayonets
2. Rosie & the Goldbug- You've Changed - This band have just split up which I'm pretty distraught about as I never got to see them live :( So I'm listening to them a lot at the moment in rememberance of them!
3. Marina and the Diamonds- I am not a Robot - You have no idea how excited I am about seeing her on the NME Tour in October, I've been waiting 2 years to see her!
4. Chairlift- Evident Utensil (here it is live at this years Latitude festival)

5. The Temper trap- Sweet Disposition
6. Boy Crisis- Dressed to Disgress
7. Orphans and Vandals- Not just one of thier songs but all of them, their songwriting is superb
8. The XX- All of their singles and demos in prepartion for their album release tomorrow, I can't wait to buy their album, I know that it's going to be BRILLIANT!
9. Slow Cllub's new album, Yeahs So, it's beautiful, a definate must buy!
10. Chromeo- Fancy footwork

A Couple of Video Treats

Drumming Song is out on the 13th September

Have a wonderful week!