Monday 24 May 2010

I Love Peaches

When I was younger (maybe 14ish?) and I first heard the music of Peaches, I enjoyed it not only because I thought it was utterly brilliant, evolutionary and dangerously honest but because I knew that it was something that would be disapproved by the people of authority around me. I certainly knew that Peaches was special, even at that age and I still do. She pushes boundaries with her electro-punk mélange, her extreme, mesmerising live shows and unique spirit. I'm hoping to go to Lovebox festival this summer (providing I manage to get a press pass as I can't afford a ticket) and she's playing. Her live show is something I'd love to see, so fingers crossed...

Here's an interview that The Creators Project did with her, it's really good, watch it:

Katie x

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