Friday 23 July 2010

Can you remix?

At The Creators Project in London last Saturday Jammer, Rodaidh McDonald (producer, of the xx), Sampha, Mumdance and a participating audience created a pop song in just 58 minutes. This was called The Pop Song Panel. This pop music experiment aimed to collaboratively produce a pop hit that would reach out to a vast amount of people and get to number 1 in the UK chart. This experiment resulted in: bass heavy musings on the impact of a free bar, appropriately entitled;‘'Too much alcohol in my system'’ which was a huge hit with the tipsy crowd.

Vice are looking for people to remix 'Too much alcohol in my system' so if you are a technical genius, unlike myself and can remix and want to show off your skills then head here for more info:
Get on it!

Katie X

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Monday 19 July 2010


As you all will know by now if you've been reading my blog recently, I have been getting very excited about The Creators Project. The Launch Party in London took place on Saturday night at Victoria House in Bloomsbury.

Victoria House was overflowing with artists, hipsters and journalists. Films were shown in the auditorium ("I'm Here" a robot love story by Spike Jonze being a particular favourite- see the trailer below), the creators of fascinating electronic art projects which were scattered around the building made inspirational speeches, the music was brilliant (I'll explain more about that later) and alcohol was free and unlimited all night.

Many of the art projects were interactive, for example The Radical Friend installation where you went into a large glass triangular booth, got your face scanned and then it morphed on a big screen. It's purpose: who knows, but it was fun and the guys doing the face scanning looked like additional members of the band, Hurts. There was also interactive 3D drawing, an indoor enchanted, pine forest corridor by Karl Sadler and 'The Blue Box' where each participant put on their favourite song on the laptop, danced around to it whilst being filmed and it was shown on a big screen duplicated. This was a lot more interesting than it sounded, especially after a few cocktails (stand out cocktails were Pom Collins and some sort of gingery one). We met some lovely, friendly people there including Will, The Californian, who we later found hunched over outside looking just a little bit fucked, we couldn't even tell us his name when we asked him, he just said "Will and shit" , two french girls and a guy that we had witnessed performing a Napoleon Dynamite dance routine earlier. Whilst we were waiting to dance, a slightly drunk Peaches was wheeled in on her wheelchair (she has a broken leg) and we saw her dance in her wheel chair. It was filmed, have a watch: (I'm sorry you can't hear too much we were having a rowdy conversation about which dance moves we were going to pull out):

She then went off and performed an excellent DJ set, despite the cast!

And here is us (I'm wearing a blue t shirt and black leather shorts) dancing on this video, we were very drunk and it was only about half past nine, we had already thoroughly taken advantage of the free bar:

We could not find the Ballroom for ages and therefore missed Flats and Yuck (the latter, very, very regrettably as I absolutely adore Yuck, as you probably know if you read my blog or follow me on twitter, this is the SECOND TIME that I've missed them!), I nearly cried when I found out that I'd missed them! But, I soon recovered from my disappointment as Mark Ronson and The Business International performed an utterly amazing set. Mark was joined onstage by guests Q-Tip,MNDR, Kyle from The View and Rose Elinor Dougall and brought to life tracks from all three albums, with Valerie ft. Kyle as a finale.

Kele Okereke was also brilliant, after having sound problems him and his band returned to the stage and delivered an animated, well received set full of not only songs from his solo album (which is out now, you should get it!) but a Bloc Party medley, wrapping things up with the classic, Flux. After this we then went to the toilet and when we tried to come back in for Tinchy Stryder we were denied access as the room was "too full" but ah well, it was still a excellent, memorable and interesting night with free alcohol, stunning art, great music performances and wonderful people. Bravo Vice/Intel, Bravo!
Over and out,


Wednesday 14 July 2010

See Spaces by TEETH

This track is utter brilliance. It's by a three piece electronic punk/pop band (it's pretty hard to describe their music, that's the closest description I can think of) called TEETH. They seem to be getting a lot of attention lately for all the right reasons; the main reason being that they are AWESOME at what they do, which is make sleek, cool electronic music.

They've been knocking around the interweb for a while now and BBC Radio 1 Introducing DJ, Huw Stephens has been playing them for months. Think of a slightly less abrasive Crystal Castles that still maintain a similar rebellious attitude as they infamously hacked into Lady Gaga's account, apparently her password was the title of one of her singles.

The single below, 'See Spaces' is going to be released on the 16th August 2010. They will also be supporting the brilliant New York band 'Sleigh Bells'(seriously, check out their album, definitely a favourite of mine this year so far) on the 9th August at The Lexington in London too, should certainly be a phenomenal gig, make sure if you can you get down to that.


Tuesday 13 July 2010

I love this

It's Lioness by Dems

<a href="">Lioness by dems</a>

Bombay Bicycle Club-Flaws

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Everyone who’s ever listened to Bombay Bicycle Club knew that if they ever did an acoustic album it would be pretty beautiful. Those judgements appear to have proved correct with the release of BBC’s latest acoustic album Flaws – released this week.

With the distorted electric guitars having been replaced by acoustic guitars, more reflection of Jack Steadman’s lyrics is allowed, shedding new light on older track ‘Dust on the Ground’ from their debut I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose and helping listeners form a deeply rooted love with new tracks such as ‘Jewel’ and recent single ‘Ivy & Gold’ which provide glistening lyrics.

The stripped back songs also remind listeners that BBC are never trying to be anyone else but themselves and that their music is genre defying; they don’t need electric guitars to make their music work. Their lyrics are pure and honest as Steadman pours out thoughts and feelings that are close to his heart like drunken word vomit in his unique, deep, signature voice.

The fine texture of the music permits listeners to hear every single stringed instrument as clear as crystal, each of them intertwining blissfully in a beautifully, complimenting mélange as well as showcasing the bands true musical potential. In ‘Fairytale Lullaby’ BBC present their own version of the classic John Martyn song, Steadman’s voice carrying it well and introducing a new audience to the old song.

Some may interpret Bombay Bicycle Club doing an acoustic album as them going soft and trying to follow in the successful footsteps of Mumford & Sons, but I see it as a brave, bold and interesting change on their behalf that permits listeners an even deeper insight into Jack Steadman’s lyrics and feelings – as well as the musical talent of the band and how the life of their songs is established before being made into intense works of art with an indie-rock twist.

If I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose yanked at your heart strings, just imagine the impact that this album will have on them; it may even snap them.

Flaws is out now on Island Records. You can stream the video for the band’s fabulous cover of Jonna Newsom track ‘Swansea’ below.

Friday 9 July 2010

Mystery Jets-Serotonin


Having been teased by free download ‘Flash a Hungry Smile’ and the new single ‘Dreaming of another World’, this album seemed a long time coming. After a couple of years away from the music scene, Mystery jets have returned with a brand new album entitled ‘Serotonin’, which was certainly worth the wait.

The band has said that it’s a continuation of their second album, ‘Twenty One’; this is evident as their general sound hasn’t changed at all really. The only difference is that this album is even stronger than ‘Twenty One’, this record contains just as much heart and soul as 'Twenty One', it is just that riffs and lyrics are more infectious and compelling than ever before.

There are more powerful, anthem like choruses present in this record. I can certainly imagine crowds of people singing along very loudly to the contagious lyrics established on ‘Serotonin’ , particularly on tracks such as the title track; ‘Serotonin’, ‘Show me The Light’, ‘The Girl is Gone’ and ‘Lady Grey.’ And then there are the high pitched lyrical riffs of ‘Flash a Hungry Smile’ and the keyboard riff of ‘Dreaming of another world’ (a song which was written and is sung by Will) that give life to bright, polished pop music with an 80’s twist.

From ‘Flash a Hungry Smile’s ‘Have you heard the birds and bees? They’ve all caught STD’s’ to ‘The Girl is Gone’s ‘You’re spread like butter on the bed linen’ and ‘Fingerprints on a dusty wall, remind me of what went before,’ Mystery Jets get it right every time lyrically in capturing a dark, sinister ambiance, as found on previous record, ‘Twenty One.’

‘Serotonin’ is a glistening gem of an album, made pristine by producer, Chris Thomas that showcases Mystery jets true musical and poetic skills. Let’s just hope that they haven’t peaked too soon and continue to produce such incredible albums.

Katie x

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Cassette Playa

Carri Mundane and Thomas Manat are 21st century fashion pioneers that effortlessly fuse fashion, music and technology together to create magnificent, original clothing. Having already worked for musicians such as M.I.A, The Klaxons and fashion designer, Jeremy Scott it seems things can only get better for the pair. Here's an interview with them as part of The Creators Project where they speak of their thoughts and inspirations behind their pieces and their collaboration with Nike.


Introducing Sunday Girl

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Sunday Girl – real name Jade Williams – inherited her name working in a pet shop on, yes, you guessed it; Sundays, rather than the popular Blondie song. She’s the creator of smooth electro-pop, and having already bagged a collaboration with legendary producer Diplo on her track ‘Four Floors’ which was her début single in March of this year, her future seems bright. This young lady is starting to get a lot of attention recently not only for her delicious, fuzzy electro-pop music but also for her fashion enthusiasm – she has been blogged about by everyone from Popjustice to ASOS Magazine.

Sunday Girl - Self Control by Sunday Girl

Following on from ‘Four Floors’, new single ‘Self Control’ is set for release on the 26th July. It incorporates blissful production with a serene representation of Laura Branigan’s original captivating lyrics, whilst a third single ‘Stop Hey’ is geared up for a September release. Sunday Girl is effortlessly chic musically – taking in to account her flawless, stylish appearance, she seems to have pretty much everything going for her. Expect to see her all over fashion and music magazines shortly, but in the meantime you can read her blog where she posts her drawings (she does all of her own artwork), her latest fashion interests and music news.

Sunday Girl releases ‘Self Control’ on July 26th. You can download a fantastic remix of ‘Self Control’ by previous New Blood stars Fenech-Soler here and stream previous single ‘Four Floors’ below. Sunday Girls blogs over at her official site here.

Katie x