Tuesday 27 October 2009

Local Natives- Gorilla Manner

Local Natives are streaming 30 second samples of each track off their debut album 'Gorilla Manner' here:


It's sounding beautiful, pre-order it at Rough Trade (for £10.99) and get a free bonus cd

Monday 26 October 2009

Oh and I LOVE this!

Ellie Goulding- Under the Sheets

Music Go Music

Ok, so they don't have a very inventive name but their outfits and music make up for this:

Also, did anyone else spend £1.90 on the Guardian this saturday just so that they could get the link for the live Fever Ray album? Good stuff yes?

Katie X

Sunday 25 October 2009

John Peel 5 year anniversary

I was always too young to stay up and listen to John Peels show, as I'm only 17 (although 18 in March :)) so I'm making up for it now by listening to these spotify playlists, it seems he was a great man with excellent musical taste...


Have a listen, they are brilliant,


Thursday 15 October 2009

I'm soooo sorry I haven't written on here in ages!

I've been a very busy girl, so therefore this blog may be a long one....

first of all I'd like to introduce you to a new band called 'The Middle Ones.' If you like Emmy the Great, Laura Marling, Slow Club or Ruby and her Whorses, then you'll definately like these. Check them out on myspace here:


So, bands I've seen since I last wrote:

Florence and the Machine, for the 5th time this year! She did an excellent cover of Etta James' 'Somethings got a hold on me'

The XX supported and they were great too, although a lot of people I know that went didn't like them for some stupid reason!

Next gig was The NME Tour. That was brilliant, all of the bands were amazing!

They were: Yes Giantess!

Local Natives- notice how all of the drummers come on and support them :)

Marina and the Diamonds- Already spoke a lot about this girl, she's fantastic and sooo sweet, she is absolutley lovely!

And of course headlineing were Golden Silvers!

Here are some pictures from the gig:

Yes Giantess! Photobucket

Local Natives Photobucket

Marina- Photobucket

Golden Silvers- Photobucket

Slow Club- I only managed to catch half of thier set as I had to leave at 12 o clock, but what I saw of them was excellent
Here's some footage of them playing 'I was unconscious It was a dream'

I think that will do for now, I hope I haven't bored you with this mighty long blog! I'll try and write on here sooner next time! Have a great week!