Tuesday 21 September 2010

Vice team up with Palladium Boots

Having already teamed up with Palladium Boots before,Vice have teamed up with them again to bring you this Johnny Knoxville (from Jackass) video. In it Johnny discovers Detroit, the city that famously represents the "death of the American dream." He focuses on it's music and art with pop-ins from mainstays like punk band the Dirtbombs and hip-hop artist Black Milk (let's not forget that Detroit became the home of Motown in the 60's). This video gives an excellent insight into the creativity currently present in Detroit, especially the young creative minds that are working together to re-build their city into something great.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Summer Camp-Young EP


Summer Camp got under way when Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey started writing music together last October, since then, they've provoked quite a stir as they've already played most of this year's summer festivals and have released a 12" single (Ghost Train). Last week (the 6th September- I forgot to post this review until now) saw the London duo release their first EP on Moshi Moshi as well as a tour with Sunderland boys 'Frankie & the Heartstrings' which they are due to persue this October.

Throughout 'Young' Summer Camp combine all elements of pop music from the last few decades, probably subconsciously. Despite their ongoing obsession with the 80's, the EP definitely does not seem to be purely 80's influenced.

In an era where nostalgia seems to be making a comeback, Summer Camp are bang on trend, yet it all seems so accidental which makes them even more endearing as initially the idea of sharing their music wasn't what attracted them to writing music. This is one of the things that set Summer Camp apart from their nostalgic pop counterparts such as: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Warpaint, Best Coast, The Dum Dum Girls and The Drums. In this EP, not only have they created blissful, youthful, pop music but they appear to enjoy doing it as well as their listeners. It's music for themselves, rather than just attempting to make effortlessly cool music for people to engulf themselves in.

During the course of the EP, Summer Camp explore various elements of youth from first love to house parties to drunken nights and break ups. 'Veronica Sawyer' describes being at a house party full of drunken strangers, whilst 'Round the Moon' sounds as if it's come straight off the soundtrack of a cheesy 80's film with a young, teenage target audience.

Lo-fi production eliminates all elements of possible corniness whilst keyboards have been successfully experimented with. This EP promises that Summer Camp are onto a winner.

Jamie Reynolds meets filmmaker Jack Bond.

WOW, I LOVE this!

Jack Bond is one of Britain’s most radical filmmakers and over a fifty year career has redefined documentary, art-house drama, music video and television.

Jamie Reynolds is lead-singer of Klaxons, one of Britain’s most visceral, important bands. In 2007 they won The Mercury Music Prize with their debut album and their follow-up, Surfing The Void, was released on August 23rd.

In the summer of 2010, these two artists were brought together by VBS.TV, Vice magazine’s groundbreaking online TV station. After reading about Jack Bond’s films in Vice a year before, Jamie Reynolds had became an obsessive, collecting his films and discussing them endlessly with the only people he knew who’d seen them, Vice writers and VBS producers. Jamie was desperate to meet Jack and VBS agreed to help make it happen.

In VBS meets Jack Bond, Jamie and Jack spend the day together in Hampstead pubs recounting Jack’s tales of loosing 50 mental patients on a shoot, bumping into famous friends, and discussing Jack’s relationship with Jane Arden. Eventually, drunk, they finally end up at the fun fair, reciting poetry on the teacups.

In 1965, Bond, then 28, spent two weeks with Salvador Dali filming the revolutionary documentary Dali in New York with his lover Jane Arden. They would remain the only film crew Dali would ever agree to work with. The pair worked together on a series of dense, obscure, psychedelic films: Separation (1967), The Other Side of the Underneath (1972), Vibration (1975), and Anti-Clock (1979). In 1982 Arden killed herself and Jack banished the films to the Technicolor vaults. They would remain there unseen for over 20 years, until the BFI released them on DVD last year. Jack’s work is now an inspiration for a new generation of avant garde, fearless filmmakers.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Counter Culture Project

As festival season grinds to a halt (unless you're lucky enough to be attending Offset and Bestival, I'm very jealous you are, I'm all out of money), moods darken, the sky darkens, the world becomes a vat of darkness in general. Ok, that was a slight exaggeration but if you're anything like me, you get rather depressed in winter. But if you are a Londoner, you are in luck! Counter Culture has come to rescue you from your state of dismay!

Counter Culture is a 99 night project (it's taking place EVERY NIGHT for the next 3 months) launched by a group of dedicated, open minded individuals commencing on the 24th September and ending on the 1st January (yes, that does mean a cracking New Years Eve party is coming your way).

It is a project taking place in a venue under London Bridge Station (7-9 Crucifix Lane to be precise) that aims to showcase the best in the world of art, music, literature, film and theatre of the moment. Expect anything, anything at all. From the UK's hottest DJ's to the exhibitions of immensely talented photographers. At Counter Culture anything creative goes.

You'd be a fool not to attend any of the brilliant events that Counter Culture has to offer, the listings are here , look, they are looking impressive so far, yes? And there are a lot more to be added! KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.

You should also totally join the mailing list as the first 100 people to join get free entry to the project launch on the 24th September which saves you £12 and is sure to be an excellent night!