Sunday 8 March 2009

What I've been listening to.........

1) Polly Scattergood- She's simply amazing, her music is just epic and her lyrics are amazing, her album is out tomorrow and is called 'Polly Scattergood' I shall certainly be buying it :)
2)Ladyhawke- I finally got her album, it's awesome

3) PJ Harvey-She is one of those artists who I knew I would like but have never bothered to check out until now

4) The B52's - you are not mistaken,yes, they are the ones that sing 'Love shack' but mum had radio2 on the other day in the car and I heard 'Rock Lobster' and enjoyed it. I think that they were a band who were far ahead of thier time, if they were around now, they'd be the band on everybodies lips, for sure!

5) Rosie and the Goldbug- I was reading an interview of theirs in Artrocker the other day and remembered they existed, they're wierd but wonderful

6) La Roux- because I'm going to see her in May hopefully (as long as I don't have an exam the next morning), well hyped :D I'm really looking forward to it, her music's great, she's on tour will Lily Allen this month, if you're going get there early and check her out

7) Ruby and her Whorses- She's lovely, a really great lyricist and she's still at school! If you like Emmy the Great or Laura Marling then it's quite likely that you will enjoy her music

That's all for now, have a great week,

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